24 Best PING PONG BALLS To Buy Online


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Tested for performance our 40mm+ Ping Pong Ball meet all game ball weight, balance and 3 star dimensional standards.

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Top 24 Ping Pong Balls for Tournaments and Practice

LONGSHOT 3-Star Table Tennis Balls for Tournament Play – Editor’s Choice
Features Quantity: 24
Stars: 3
Diameter: 40mm

ping pong balls
ping pong balls

Our editor’s choice is the set of LONGSHOT 3-Star Table Tennis Balls, which many professional players and amateurs alike enjoy in tournaments and when playing friendly games. These balls are recognizable for their superior firmness and they come in a selection of white and orange colors. Many of the users who tested them liked the great spin and even bounce these balls that offer superior quality and performance for players of all levels.

Advantages of choosing great-quality ping pong balls

Table Tennis Balls
Table Tennis Balls

The quality of ping pongs balls is vital for the game not only when it comes to durability, but also because it can have an influence on the way you play. Cheap ping pong balls are often the culprit for a distracted game, so it’s important to go for the best quality possible within your budget. High-quality ping pong balls do not break easily and have enhanced firmness, providing you with a better bounce while you play.
Features to consider when selecting table tennis balls

Some of the most important features to consider when shopping for the best table tennis balls include the material they are made of, their durability, the number of balls you get in a set, as well as the dimensions of the balls. If you intend to participate in competitions, make sure you also check whether the balls are approved by the relevant governing bodies.

Star Rating

Ping pong balls are rated from 1 to 3 stars, with 1 and 2-star balls being less durable and mostly used for practice or if you’re a beginner. These balls are often available in packs of 100 or more and are a suitable choice for rallying as well. Three-star rating balls are the best quality you can buy, and they are generally reserved for matches and competitions.